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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Throughout the rapid evolution of the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence sphere, Akvelon has successfully incorporated it in our work that has helped clients of all sizes and from various industries. Akvelon continues to leverage AI & Machine Learning in the development of high-end SOTA solutions while taking an individual client-business-data-based approach.

Akvelon’s AI and Machine Learning services help our clients improve their workflows, technology, and entire organization through increased automation, scalability, and sustainability. While also leveraging our product management and engineering services, our team will help your company achieve your goals, enhance your processes and products, and scale your business.

Computer Vision

Natural Language Processing

Anomaly Detection


Signal Processing

Computer Code

Tabular Data Processing

MLOps & Infrastructure Management

Akvelon ML/AI Projects


Anomaly Detection in Time Series

Our client wanted to analyze different metrics in a unified way to notify clients when something goes wrong and the values of some metrics begin to significantly differ from normal.



MeowTalk gives your cat a voice! It’s Alexa for cats. It’s an application and a service that lets cat owners interpret their cat’s vocalizations (meows) and allows them to better understand their cat and their cat’s vocabulary.

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Akvelon developed Deep Art, an AI-powered video filter app that can turn any video or photo into a work of art. Neutral styles, variation, and optical flow stabilization allowed for smooth video.

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Pixel art is a unique art style, an appreciation of big visible pixels that makes up the complete image’s founding elements. Akvelon developed the ML model and published all details of how it was implemented.

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Instagram Face Recognition

Parses Instagram and recognizes user’s handles by their face. Mass face recognition with secret-sauce algorithms to recognize account-owners.


Conference Booth Assistant

A system that allows for automatic tracking of the defined KPIs for running a booth at the conference.

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Customer Engagement Center Business Attribution

Akvelon worked closely with the F5 team to establish a consistent common set of bridging categories for CEC briefings and products.

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This is a question-answering system that can find answers from unprepared text documentations on human questions. E.g. if you configure the app to take information from https://akvelon.com/ pages and ask "How many people work at Akvelon?" and get an answer "more than 1000".


Microsoft EVA Bot

Microsoft was in need of assistance at their Microsoft Executive Briefing Center within their headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Akvelon was enlisted to help solve this problem and a devoted team was formed to create a helpful and innovative solution. From there, the Executive Virtual Assistant (EVA) Bot was created.

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Mobile app marketing analysis platform​

Allows to analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns for mobile applications - revenue from each campaign, the number of installations for each campaign, etc.


Healthcare data analytics platform​

Akvelon team built from scratch, documented, and delivered a ready-to-use software which allows the user to de-identify major PHI data entities such as names, addresses, SSN, telephones, etc. with a high-level of accuracy.

Our blog

15 jun 2021

Telehealth has grown in popularity over the years, only being exacerbated by the pandemic that upended the world in 2020—and possibly, beyond. However, the problem with the digitization of healthcare has been the physical distance that makes it harder for patients and healthcare workers to connect on a more personal level.

27 apr 2021

When it comes to innovations in the healthcare industry, it is evident that technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and related fields like machine learning (ML) have provided largely significant contributions to its development. In fact, the global healthcare AI market is expected to reach $51.3 billion by 2027.

12 feb 2021

Hello, readers! My name is Irina and I’m a data scientist at Akvelon. Recently, Akvelon added a new filter to DeepArt, a platform that transforms photos and videos into works of art using neural networks. This new filter is called PixelArt, and can pixelate your photos and videos using machine learning.

16 dec 2020

Historically, pixel art is one of the most popular aesthetics in video games. It strives to recreate the look and feel of old Nintendo and Arcade titles. In the ’90s, pixel art was the only option on most consoles. And now the pixel style is popular again! Pixel art is a unique art style, an appreciation of big visible pixels that makes up the founding elements of the complete…

05 nov 2020

Hello fellow reader, my name is Artur. I am the head of the Machine Learning team in Akvelon and you are about to read the tutorial for anomaly detection in time series. During our research, we’ve managed to gather a lot of information from tiny useful pieces all over the internet and we don’t want this knowledge to be lost! That’s exactly why you can…

18 nov 2020

Hello fellow reader (and hello again if you read the first part of this article series). My name is Artur, and I am the head of the Machine Learning team in Akvelon’s Kazan office and you are about to read the second part of the tutorial for anomaly detection in a time series. During our own research, we’ve managed to gather a lot of information from tiny useful…

03 dec 2020

Hello there, my name is Artur. You might be reading this intro for the third time — and if this is the case, I appreciate your sticking with this article series. I am the head of the Machine Learning team in Akvelon-Kazan and you are about to read the last part of the tutorial for anomaly detection in time series.

03 nov 2020

Javier Sanchez, a group technical program manager at Akvelon, with his cat Mittens. (Photo courtesy of Javier Sanchez) Plenty of technological advances may be regarded as the cat’s meow. Here’s one that claims to actually understand what cats are saying. Javier Sanchez, a technical program…

25 sep 2020

The world of physical events- key points in the landscape of business- changed dramatically with the onset of COVID-19 in late 2019. This true disruption continues into 2020 though event-industry stalwarts point to a likely return to briskness in 2021. Whenever the return to normalcy occurs- indeed if it…

21 sep 2020

Each cat has its own unique vocabulary to communicate with their owners consistently when in the same context. For example, each cat has their distinct meow for “food” or “let me out.” This is not necessarily a language, as cats do not share the same meows to communicate the same…

14 sep 2020

America loves cats. America loves technology. What a combination. But first, let’s talk about cats. In the US, 43 Million households have cats. Not only do they have cats- in fact they have multiple; these 43 Million households are home to 94.2M cats. These smart, adorable felines are a major part of…

02 sep 2020

The Deep Art Effects application launched with Akvelon’s custom trained Gender Swap GAN filter that transforms the face of a subject in a photo to look like the opposite gender by altering their features to look more masculine or feminine. Here, we are going to describe the methodology and approach that we used to develop this filter.

21 aug 2020

Whether you are going to the office, the mall, or the grocery store, find a parking spot can be one of the most time consuming and frustrating parts of the day. Thanks to advances in technology, the days of circling the parking lot to find an open spot before someone else snags it may be behind us soon. Akvelon’s Ivanovo office noticed that finding a spot…

23 dec 2020

One of the best qualities that many of Akvelon’s employees share is their passion for technology that drives them to continue pushing themselves further in their field. One such employee is Anton Nesterenko, a senior data scientist at Akvelon, who is always taking on new…

10 dec 2020

In November 2019, Akvelon, Inc. attended the North American AI & Big Data Expo in Santa Clara, California to share some of the exciting projects that the team has been working on. One such project was a computer vision task aiming to analyze the attitude of one’sfacial expression in real time. We emphasize the word attitude here as it is fairly common…

15 nov 2020

A common problem/point of discussion in the Bitcoin community has been that of “coin selection”, or the process of selecting the right UTXOs to fund transactions. Currently, there are many different techniques being implemented by exchanges and wallet providers. Some, of course, are better than others depending on…

04 jun 2020

The future of technology is driven by the new and aspiring developers who will create it. Akvelon wants to not only build the technology of tomorrow, but also to help shape the technology of the future. That is why we have been investing our time and resources into the education and growth of budding software developers. In recent months, we have invited…

27 mar 2021

In order to increase convenience while maintaining security, our Ivanovo office invented PassFace, a security system that uses facial recognition technology to identify employees and grant them access to the office building using only their faces. This system cuts out the need for an access card, making it easier for employees to access the…

20 feb 2021

Meetings are the most widely used tool for company engagement and colleague interaction. Meetings should be a time for exchanging ideas and participating in deep conversations, but are typically spent with noses buried in notebooks or colleagues frantically typing every word they hear. A team of our developers wanted…

04 mar 2021

Recently, Akvelon Machine Learning Engineer/Data Scientist, Danylo Kosmin, participated in a Kaggle competition and won a Silver Medal placing in the top 3% of 4,037 teams. The subject for this code competition was “Quora Insincere Questions Clarification”, calling for Kagglers to help Quora, an online conversation forum where individuals can connect with an…

24 jan 2021

WNow that we’re halfway through January, many people are finding it harder and harder to stick to their New Year’s resolutions, many of which pertain to health and fitness. They give the same excuses: “I don’t have time to go to the gym”, “I can’t afford a personal trainer”, “I don’t like working out alone” and so on. Say goodbye to those excuses because our…

17 jan 2021

In an effort to increase employee engagement and involvement, a team of our developers created an artificial intelligence powered “Social Chatbot” that learns our employees’ interests and preferences, and sends them relevant company news and social media content.

03 dec 2021

At Akvelon, we’re all about problem solving. When it comes to our clients, our goal is to find a solution for every problem while using the best technology, AI being one of our favorites. We’ve used AI to create solutions for a wide range of corporations from tech companies to sports teams to international businesses. Here are six…

14 nov 2021

This past weekend our very own Kostiantyn Isaienkov, a data science and machine learning engineer, had the opportunity to speak at “Octopus AI”. Octopus AI is a data science conference which has the goal of strengthening professional skills in the world of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science, according to the…

28 sep 2020

As the emoji enters the screen from the right hand side you must match the face that it’s making until it disappears and the next emoji enters the screen. You gain points with each emoji you destroy and you can earn extra points by destroying a blue “Boss Emoji”. A Boss Emoji will appear after a player destroys…

30 mar 2021

Nowadays, fast-growing Machine Learning technologies allow us to solve an increasing number of real-life problems. Routine operations in such cases can be reduced by creating a system that allows algorithm developers to focus on their tasks instead of on supplying execution environments. We created such a platform and tested it on one of…

20 feb 2021

Sports analysts have been able to collect athlete performance data for a few years, but there’s been a problem with the end user software capability of providing easily reviewable insights of that data. At several professional sports teams around the nation, athlete and team data collected was stored in various…

12 feb 2021

An engineer’s education does not stop once they receive their diploma, not even after they have completed training with their new company. Engineers must constantly learn to keep up with the fast paced, ever-changing world of technology. In order to best prepare for tomorrow’s technology, engineers need…

12 dec 2020

Kaggle.com is one of the leading platforms for predictive modelling and analytics competitions. Companies and researchers are able to post data sets and real world challenges which invite statisticians and data scientists to compete in building predictive models that best describe future outcomes.

07 sep 2020

Much has been written about Human Capital, especially in the Information Age. More so in fact as the Information Age has evolved into the Internet Age, in which the innovation in products and services has been tremendous and has disrupted tried and tested business models all around the world. Organizations universally hail their people…

19 jul 2021

The amount of deaths caused by traffic accidents each year is staggering. In 2014 alone, there were over 35,000 motor vehicle related deaths in just the United States and it’s nearly forty times that worldwide.With recent advancements in technology, Victor Bahl, director of Microsoft’s Mobility and Networking Research, decided to take this issue head on…

11 jul 2021

Data science in sports has evolved and accelerated over the last several years, helping teams make better decisions regarding athletes and strategy (post & pre game, scouting, recruitment & acquisitions). The adoption and evolution of new applied technologies is slowly replacing notational analysis and allowing for improved insights into…

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