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Video Remote Interpreting Platform

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Video Remote Interpreting Platform

Our client is a stealth-mode startup that aims to dramatically reduce inefficiencies in operating rooms with the help of Computer Vision.


Surgery Monitoring

Team size

5 members


3 months



Business Need

Our client wanted to build a video streaming service and mobile applications that would notify surgeons when their patient is ready for surgery and allow surgeons to monitor operating rooms and case status. The applications and server should help reduce operating room costs by optimizing the surgical room workflow. The client wanted to integrate this app into one hospital in the San Francisco area, with the goal to expand it into 13 hospitals in the future.


Akvelon worked with the client to create iOS and Android mobile applications that allow surgeons to:

  • Sign up and log in to the system.
  • Monitor operating room status by reviewing HLS streams from the Video Streaming Server that is connected to operating room cameras.
  • Receive notifications about case stage changes.
  • View case phase history overlaid on top of a live video stream.
  • Provide feedback on the case’s progress in the operating room.
  • See personal statistics and trends.
  • Manage user profile and notification settings.

Akvelon also created a video streaming service with a latency of 25 seconds that enables surgeons to view streams from operating rooms in the mobile app instead of needing to physically check operating rooms.

Group 18

Benefits and Results

Akvelon successfully developed an iOS and Android application and a video streaming server that worked together to optimize the client’s surgeons’ work in the operating rooms, ultimately helping to reduce operating room costs.

Technology Used

Cloud, Dev Ops, React Native, Redux, React-Native-Video, Firebase (push notifications) HLS, RTSP, FFmpeg, Nginx, Docker

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